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Valves, Adapters, Holders & Caps

The best things come in all shapes and sizes

Isolera solvent bottle cap and septum
DLV-030 SNAP Cartridge HP SIl 10g and luer adapters Leak Detector

A wide range of accessories that make lab work even more efficient.


Injection Valves for Flash

For liquid samples, Biotage offers two 3-way injection valves (standard and wide bore) that attach directly to Biotage cartridges and compression modules. These stainless steel valves come complete with finger tight fittings and a Luer adapter for syringe injection. The straight-through injection design minimizes wash volume and precipitation potential.

Cartridge Holders

Designed for simple attachment onto Isolera™ systems, these cartridge holders accommodate 10 g, 25 g, 50 g, 100 g, 340 g, 750 g and 1500 g Biotage® SNAP cartridges.

Cartridge Adaptors

Luer lock-to-tip adapters enable Biotage® SNAP cartridges to be used with the Biotage® FlashMaster and on other competitive flash systems. The adapter is very easy to install and attaches directly to the Biotage SNAP cartridge outlet, converting the Biotage SNAP cartridge from Luer lock to Luer tip.


These 38-430 caps are modified with a hole to allow use of Biotage® Isolera™ and SP solvent line tubing. A silicone gasket reduces evaporation.