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Biotage® SNAP KP-NH

Flash Chromatography Cartridges


This product will be phased out on October 1st, 2019 (except 900g size).

Please check out here the corresponding column in the Biotage® Sfär family: Biotage® Sfär Amino Duo

Biotage® KP-NH chemistry shields synthetic organic amines from acidic silanols providing improved selectivity, peak shape, purity and yield. Unlike traditional silica and 1° amine (propyl amine) bonded silica, Biotage KP-NH doesn’t require the use of chlorinated solvents or amine additives.

Biotage® SNAP KP-NH flash cartridges and matching TLC plates separate 2°, 3°, and heterocyclic amines using non-chlorinated solvents. Biotage KP-NH TLC plates are made using the same chemistry as corresponding flash cartridges. Methods developed using Biotage KP-NH TLC plates accurately transfer to Biotage SNAP KP-NH flash cartridges simplifying flash purification. 

Biotage SNAP cartridges are  are made from medical grade materials and batch tested to ensure they meet stringent performance standards including efficiency (plate count) and peak symmetry. The Luer-lock connections operate safely at 100 psi without compression modules and can be used on any flash system.