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Biotage® SNAP KP-C18-HS

Cartridges for Reversed Phase Chromatography


This product will be phased out on October 1st, 2019 (except 950g, 1850g).

Please check out here the corresponding column in the Biotage® Sfär family: Biotage® Sfär C18 Duo 100 Å 30 μm

Reversed-phase flash chromatography is a very effective purification technique. Its main application areas include polar, ionizable and highly lipophilic compounds which cannot easily be separated by normal-phase techniques. 

Unlike normal-phase chromatography, reversed-phase uses a hydrophobic stationary phase (e.g. C18 or ODS) and hydrophilic mobile phases (methanol/water, acetonitrile/ water). By converting silica’s active, polar silanols sites to neutral, lipophilic sites, compounds that will either aggressively stick to silica or not stick at all can be retained, separated and eluted using waterbased solvent systems.

Biotage SNAP cartridges are  are made from medical grade materials and batch tested to ensure they meet stringent performance standards including efficiency (plate count) and peak symmetry. The Luer-lock connections operate safely at 100 psi without compression modules and can be used on any flash system. The SNAP design supports the greatest number of loading techniques available, including three different internal dry loading options. Dry loading the sample using Samplet® cartridges gives the best performance by eliminating any dissolution solvent effects.