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White Paper: Reduce Solvent Use by 50%

19 October 2017

Developments in instrumentation and consumables around Flash purification can reduce solvent consumption levels of a typical drug discovery workflow by 50% or more. This is achieved by making use of high capacity columns and step gradients, and high-resolution columns to act as a viable alternative to preparative HPLC. Also, new detector technologies open the application space to the use of less harmful or expensive solvents. This approach gives an immediate return in the laboratory, and those who choose to follow these principles will benefit reduced cost and time savings compared to organization that persist with traditional approaches.


Traditional approaches to compound purification involving chromatography utilize large volumes of toxic and expensive solvents, and significantly contribute to the environmental footprint of organizations involved in molecular research. Current directives for greener chemistry have put pressure on organizations to reduce the environmental impact of their work.

Through an understanding of the workflow of such organizations and new developments in Flash purification systems and columns, it is possible to significantly reduce the consumption and toxicity of solvents used in purifications and therefore improve the environmental impact of such research.

Biotage have made this a focus of recent developments in Flash purification and have developed a four-part approach that delivers reductions in solvent consumption of over 50%, as well as the use of substituted solvents of less environmental impact.

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