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Webinar on Flash Purification Evolved: ACI™ Accelerated Chromatographic Isolation

09 September 2014

ACI™ - Accelerated Chromatographic Isolation radically improves the efficiency of the laboratory, embracing the latest developments in purification technology to guide chemists towards improved chromatography. Biotage has found a way to extract more value and productivity from purification processes that were previously assumed to be constant or non-negotiable.

With running costs a concern in most laboratories, ACI™ efficiently moves users to the purification end-point even faster. Traditional purification taking more than 15 minutes is reduced to 5 minutes; a 250 mg scale laboratory scale experiment can now be purified in less than 3 minutes on a 10 g column with an ACI™ enabled Biotage Isolera™ flash purification system. That’s even faster than TLC. In this webinar, we’re going to show you how!

This webinar is aimed at practicing chemists and also those in management in control of budgets looking for much greater lab efficiencies.

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