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Webinar on Demand: Peptide Purification using Flash Chromatography

13 December 2016

This webinar discusses some recent work on the use of flash chromatography for the purification of synthetic peptides as a complementary alternative to standard RP-HPLC methods. Included herein are data from purifying multiple peptides, highlighting the significant time improvements and significant reduction in solvent consumption achieved by incorporating flash chromatography in your overall peptide workflow.


With improvements in the strategies for solid phase peptide synthesis, researchers have continued to expand the scope and diversity of chemically synthesized peptides. Traditionally, purification using RP-HPLC has been required upon synthesis completion. This purification step is often the most time consuming aspect of the peptide synthesis workflow. Have you ever considered an alternative?

Presented by Ph.D. Elizabeth Denton, Sr. Scientist Peptide Chemistry at Biotage on December 8, 2016.

Watch the Full Webinar Below

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