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Using EVOLUTE® EXPRESS For Studies on Drug-drug Interactions

24 November 2015

Meet Dr. Kazunobu Tsunemoto and Takashi Yoshikado, researchers at the RIKEN National Research and Development Institute in Japan, where they use EVOLUTE® EXPRESS solid-phase extraction plates in the analysis of clinical trial samples for pharmacokinetic studies.


RIKEN is Japan’s largest research organization with 3,400 researchers from more than 50 countries. The laboratory directed by Professor Yuichi Sugiyama at RIKEN analyzes clinical trial data for establishing quantitative interactions between pharmacokinetics and drugs. By using EVOLUTE® EXPRESS solid-phase extraction plates to pre-process the plasma samples for testing, the researchers were able to conduct the study efficiently at a low cost.

“The sensitivity is better, and because the steps are not difficult, it also has the benefit of being easy to use," says Dr. Tsunemoto. 

“Since our work is not only quantitative, it is important to us to work very efficiently. The current clinical trial required the processing of around 1,200 samples, it goes without saying that speed and reproducibility were concerns, but also the effort and the cost. The actual cost was cut down to around two-thirds,” says Takashi Yoshikado. 

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