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Tutorial Video – How to Load Flash Chromatography Cartridges

30 June 2015

Biotage® SNAP Ultra flash cartridges allow you to load your samples in seven different ways. No matter what you are purifying - there is always a solution to get the best possible separation. Learn all about it and more in this tutorial video.


Depending on the properties of the mixture, different methods are suitable to introduce the sample for flash chromatography. For instance, the use of a large amount of silica gel for prevention of agglomeration may result in diffuse bands and poor separation. A better option may be to adsorb materials for purification onto a solid support such as Biotage® HM-N (diatomaceous earth).

For materials dissolved in any volatile solvent, Samplets® offer a convenient way to introduce the mixture. For retentive compound purification where cartridge pre-equilibration is not required, liquids can be added directly onto the opened SNAP cartridge eliminating the need to inject via a syringe.

Sometimes sample sizes require more sorbent volume then the Samplet cartridges can provide. Compounds that are soluble only in large volumes of volatile solvents or in a strong solvent (e.g. methanol) are best loaded using external dry loading. This technique uses an adsorbent media mixed with reaction products and solvent.

For chemists who are used to HPLC and injecting samples through a valve, the 3-way syringe injection will be very familiar. For larger scale purification, liquid reaction mixtures can be pumped onto a cartridge using a peristaltic pump prior to purification.

The SNAP-family of chromatography columns has the capability to load your sample using:

  • liquid loading using a syringe via the top
  • liquid loading directly into the column 
  • dry load directly into the column
  • using liquid loading onto a Samplet®
  • using dry loading onto an empty Samplet®

Furthermore the trusted ZIP-family of cartridges allows you to do both liquid and dry loading depending on your purification challenge.  

Learn more in the video above, and in the Biotage Flash Cartridge User Guide. Download it below.

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