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Ten Years with Environmental SPE Workflow - a User's Perspective

16 January 2019

Environmental Chemistry Inc in Texas has been monitoring hazardous compounds in the environment since 1990. For the last ten years, they have been using automated systems for environmental sample preparation from Horizon, now part of Biotage, and the systems are still ticking as reliably as ever. 


SPE-DEX 3100"To have equipment that lasts for 10 years, especially with that number of samples going through it and petrochemical solid waste — which are hands down the worst environmental samples I can imagine — it has been a fantastic result for us," says Clint David at Environmental Chemistry Inc

"We purchased our first automated extraction system in 2009, from Horizon Technology, now a part of Biotage. We primarily use this system for EPA Method 8270 analysis of hazardous waste classification leachates and industrial wastewater samples. [...]  For us, this often means faster processing times, as well as increased traceability and quality assurance in our system. We have also seen an increase in automation, which saves our analysts time, which is really important."

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