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webinar bridging the gap

Reversed Phase Purification Webinar On Demand

24 November 2014

A recording of the webinar Reversed Phase Purification: Bridging the Gap From Flash to Prep HPLC is released on our Webinar channel for online viewing and download. 


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 Aired on Friday 21st November 2014

Why Attend?

We will go through how utilizing reversed phase columns in combination with Biotage developed methods and workflows can help you with the following:

  • Complete projects more rapidly
  • Reduce the generation of hazardous waste
  • Reduce the cost and number of expensive RP-HPLC prep columns run in a lab

Who Should Attend?

Practicing chemists, project leaders, policy decision makers, laboratory supervisors and managers. 

Presented By

Dr Sunil Rana – Global Product Manager Flash Purification and Chemistry Consumables, Biotage AB, Sweden


Normal phase flash chromatography is the norm for routine purification of synthetic reaction products and naturalproduct extracts, until the polarity of the compounds becomes great enough that reversed phase (RP) methods are called for. Advances in flash purification technology have allowed direct lab access to RP purification methods on a scale 100-1000 fold that of HPLC methods. The trade-off was historically the resolution, a 40-63 micron irregular flash silica particle could never match a 5 micron spherical HPLC silica, the sample loading payback from using the larger particles was not sufficient. Recent advances in reversed phase flash purification using spherical 20-25 micron particles, well packed into disposable flash columns have provided surprising advantages providing near seamless integration of small to large scale, and within the boundaries of traditional organic laboratory practice. Leveraging a combination of Biotage ACI™ methods and modern Mass-Directed-Flash chemists can experience a convenience, scale, and purity never before seen in traditional RP flash purification, effectively bridging the gap to prep-HPLC. Reduced organic solvent consumption, switching to water as a chromatographic mobile phase in many cases, and reduced downstream analytical support burden all follow. This webinar will highlight how this can be achieved.

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