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Pure Fractions with New C18 Reversed Phase Flash Cartridge

09 April 2015

The small particle media in Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 flash cartridges double the sample load and increase fraction purity in preparative flash chromatography. This is shown in a new poster from Biotage labs, presented at ACS 2015 in Denver. 


As medicinal chemistry broadens its scope beyond Lipinski’s rule of 5, compounds with more polar functionality and complexity are being created. Often, these compounds are too polar/ionizable for normal phase purification and therefore require reversed phase chromatography.

Though conventional 50 μm C18 media will often suffice, the increased molecular complexity usually needs more resolution to enable quality purification. This poster shows how the new high-performance reversed phase flash cartridge Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 increases separation power and increases loading capacity 2x over conventional C18 cartridges. 

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