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Online Webinar: Do you care about the quality of peptides you synthesize?

05 September 2016

Amit Mehrotra, Global Product Manager Peptide Systems at Biotage, covers the modern approach to peptide synthesis in this webinar aired on September 1st 2016.

The typical peptide synthesis workflow involves synthesis, purification and evaporation with final freeze drying of the peptide product. Solid phase peptide synthesis is becoming more routine with the advent of better synthesis instrumentation utilizing elevated temperatures, now even more complex and difficult sequences can be made. However, purification and evaporation issues can impede the efficiency of your workflow and are the cause of many bottlenecks. For many years, peptide chemists have been trained to purify peptides by reversed-phase HPLC as the method of choice. Have you ever considered using anything else? Advances in flash purification technology can now be applied to the purification of peptides as a fast and cost effective solution and combined with our novel evaporation technology which can result in significant time savings.

This webinar will highlight some recent application examples and customer case studies to demonstrate how our range of synthesis, purification and evaporation tools have been used to improve their peptide synthesis workflow, from synthesis of crude peptides through to the purified product.

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Do you care about the quality of peptides you synthesize?