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New Sample Preparation Findings Presented at MSACL

22 February 2017

Four posters were presented at MSACL in Palm Springs, CA, 22-26 January 2017. 


P154: Method Optimization for the Low Level Detection of Vitamin B7 from Human Serum Using UPLC-MS/MS Analysis

A new method for extraction of Vitamin B7(Biotin) using EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN.

P155: Simultaneous Extraction of Catecholamine and Metanephrines from Urine Prior to Analysis using LC-MS/MS

A ‘no blow down’ method using EVOLUTE® EXPRESS WCX.  Data from both the Load-Wash-Elute and standard SPE methods automated using Biotage® Extrahera™ are included. 

P156: Evaluation of three beta-glucuronidase enzymes to determine the best hydrolysis conditions for urine samples in clinical toxicology and pain management

This poster investigates the performance of three different beta-glucuronidase enzymes when used in conjunction with EVOLUTE® EXPRESS CX plates for extraction of a 56 drug panel from urine. The impact of a variety of hydrolysis conditions on recovery of parent drug is examined.

P157: Drugs of Abuse with Multivariate Intermolecular Properties Analyzed by Polymeric Mixed-Mode Cation Exchange

An investigation of into some of the key factors affecting analyte recovery and extract cleanliness when using EVOLUTE® EXPRESS CX plates for extraction of a 43 drug panel from hydrolysed urine, automated using Biotage® Extrahera™ sample processor.


All posters are available for download below, or on the MSACL page »

The Association for Mass Spectrometry: Applications to the Clinical Laboratory, Inc. is committed to the advancement of mass spectrometry as applied in the clinical laboratory through education and training of practitioners, physicians, laboratory scientists, industrial scientists, and health care professionals involved in patient care and management. MSACL supports the development of new technologies in mass spectrometry to be used in laboratory medicine; including diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of clinical disorders.