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New Peptide Synthesis Workflow Brochure

13 July 2017

Biotage is pleased to announce the release of the new Peptide Synthesis Workflow – Synthesis, Purification, and Evaporation Solutions Brochure

The typical peptide synthesis workflow broadly involves synthesis, purification and evaporation steps to give the final pure peptide. Although the synthesis step is the most important part of the workflow, purification and evaporation issues can impact dramatically on the efficiency of the workflow and are the cause of many bottlenecks. Biotage has developed a range of tools to improve the peptide synthesis workflow, from synthesis of crude peptides through to the final purified product. This new 40 page brochure is a comprehensive guide of the synthesis, purification and evaporation solutions that Biotage can offer to peptide chemists, enabling them to overcome their bottlenecks.

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