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New Application Note for Simultaneous Extraction of Aldosterone and Angiotensin I and II from Human Plasma

14 September 2018

Plasma renin activity (PRA) determination is used in the diagnosis of primary aldosteronism, an important cause of secondary hypertension (high blood pressure). Concomitant measurement of both aldosterone and angiotensin (converted from renin over a time range) in the plasma sample is required. Traditionally the analysis of these species is performed separately. This application note describes the simultaneous extraction of aldosterone at low (< 25pg/mL) concentration and angiotensin I and II from plasma, with the potential to improve throughput and reduce time and costs.

The simple sample preparation procedure delivers clean extracts and analyte recoveries greater than 80% with RSDs lower than 5% for all analytes using LC-MS/MS.

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS solid phase extraction products combine powerful EVOLUTE sorbent chemistry with enhanced ‘EXPRESS’ components. EVOLUTE EXPRESS products dramatically improve flow characteristics, and enhance sample preparation productivity.


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  • Aldosterone
  • Angiotensin I
  • Angiotensin II

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