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Isolera™ Used to Discover New Metabolites from Fungi

14 May 2015

A research group looking for new compounds in fungi used an Isolera™ flash purification system to purify the crude extracts. 


Fungi are among the most astonishing life forms on earth. Their ability to survive in the most extreme environments continues to amaze, and they can themselves enter different survival modes. One such state is sclerotia, often a lump of tightly packed mycelium threads containing food reserves.

Recently, scientists have discovered that sclerotia also triggers otherwise silent methabolic pathways in some fungi, and compounds not previously known from these species have been identified. Among the discovered compounds were sclerolizine, an alkylated and oxidized pyrrolizine, the new emindole analog emindole SC and two new carbonarins; carbonarins I and J. Interestingly enough, these compounds also showed antifungal properties. The authors state their study "...provides an alternative way of triggering silent biosynthetic pathways in filamentous fungi for the discovery of novel bioactive SMs".

The extracts in this study were purified on an Isolera™ flash chromatography system with SNAP Ultra C18 cartridges. 

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Lene M Petersen, Jens C Frisvad, Peter B Knudsen, Marko Rohlfs, Charlotte H Gotfredsen and Thomas O Larsen, 2015. Induced sclerotium formation exposes new bioactive metabolites from Aspergillus sclerotiicarbonariusThe Journal of Antibiotics, (6 May 2015) | doi:10.1038/ja.2015.40.

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