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Isolera­™ Used in Recent Natural Products Study

12 September 2014

The capabilities of Biotage flash chromatography systems for providing pure compounds from natural products is confirmed in an extensive Korean study of active compounds in the medicinal herb Asiasarum heterotropoides*. 


The research group isolated a novel lignin and more than 20 other compounds in many compound classes from the roots of the herb using an Isolera™ One flash purification system with Biotage® SNAP Ultra, SNAP HP-Sil, and SNAP KP-C18-HS cartridges. Biotage® Dry Load Cartridges packed with custom resins were also used in the study. 

Among the 22 isolated compounds, two induced the down regulation of NO production, FOXP3 expression, and HIF-1α transcriptional activity.

This study reinforces the capabilities of Isolera™ systems in accelerating research on natural product bioactive compound identification.

*The dried roots of Asiasarum heterotropoides (a deciduous perennial herb) have been used traditionally for various conditions such as inflammatory diseases, coughs, headaches, toothaches and rheumatism. Root extracts have more recently been shown to inhibit hyperalgesia, coughs, immunoglobulin E, memory loss, hair loss, melanogenesis and cancer.

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Lee, J., Lee, Y.J., Oh, S.M., Yi, J.M., Kim, N.S., Bang, O.S., 2014. Bioactive Compounds from the Roots of Asiasarum heterotropoides. Molecules 2013 Dec 23;19(1):122-138 »

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