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Isolera™ Flash Purification System Helps This Professor Cure Disease

05 April 2017

Ease of use is what stands out as the top feature of Isolera™ flash chromatography system for Professor Anna Bernardi, head of the synthetic organic chemistry research group at the University of Milan. Her current research goal: developing sugar-like molecules, called glycomimetics, for healthier life.


Prior to purchasing an Isolera™ Prime for flash purification, Professor Bernardi and her team were using glass columns packed with silica by hand for their purifications. Since being introduced to Isolera Prime, they’ve adopted this technology for all their purifications. She gave us some time to talk about synthesis, purification, and the tools for the job.

"We are a synthetic organic chemistry research group and we have been working on the synthesis of bioactive products, including peptidomimetics, for many years. Most recently, our main research activities have been in the field of carbohydrate chemistry and in the synthesis of sugar mimics, but we also have active projects involving more classical, drug-like small molecules.

Multigram scale separations with traditional flash chromatography are laborious, time-consuming and possibly dangerous. They become much easier using the Isolera. 'Easy' has been a keyword in our experience with Biotage. This is very important for a small group like ours – students are rotating rapidly and the ability to transfer the know-how smoothly is key to keeping the instrument going."

Read the full interview in the document below.

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