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Greener Solvents in Flash Chromatography - Is It Possible?

04 March 2016

This application note describes a simple and robust way to swap to more environmentally friendly solvents in flash purification. In this application, Biotage® SNAP Ultra 25 g cartridges are used to remove Dichloromethane (DCM) from a standard separation protocol, with excellent separation results. 


The term “Green Chemistry” has become a major part of the science community’s lexicon. In this application note we will look at two areas for flash chromatography:

  1. Replacing chlorinated solvents with those considered more environmentally friendly.
  2. Reducing solvent use and waste generation with more thoughtfully applied chromatography principles.

Based on an article from Green Chemistry, “Sustainable chromatography (an oxymoron?)” by Emily A Peterson et al. (Green Chem. 2014, 16, 4060–4075), we wanted to test their suggested transformation of chromatography conditions from dichloromethane eluted runs to ones where no halogenated solvents were used. Two different solvent systems were used and the results are reported.

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