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Biotage® MP-Cyanoborohydride - a Polymer Supported Reducing Agent

26 May 2016

The macroporous polymer supported cyanoborohydride Biotage® MP-Cyanoborohydride is a solid-supported equivalent of tetraalkylammonium cyanoborohydride for the reductive amination of carbonyl compounds and reduction of imines.


Other important reductive applications include reduction of α,ß-unsaturated carbonyl compounds to the corresponding unsaturated alcohols, conversion of pyridinium ions to tetrahydropyridine derivatives, and dehalogenation reactions. The solid supported reagent greatly simplifies the reaction work-up protocol. Specifically, compared with the small molecule sodium cyanoborohydride, it is reported that toxic cyanide is not released on reaction workup and therefore does not contaminate the product or pose a danger towards the user.

Read more on specifications and application protocols in the Product Note below.

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Biotage® MP-Cyanoborohydride Reducing Agent

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