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Biotage Introduces New Isolera™ FLASH Purification System for Faster Separations

29 May 2008

News release
Jennifer Whedbee, Director Marketing Communications
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Biotage Introduces New Isolera™ FLASH Purification System for Faster Separations

(May 28, 2008) Biotage, a leading supplier of tools and technology for medicinal and analytical chemistry, announces the introduction of the new Isolera compact FLASH purification system. This unique new instrument enables chemists to easily achieve better separations in significantly shorter purification run-times, while new features result in maximum purity and yield.

The high-performance Isolera system from Biotage contains intelligent features which allow users to maximize time and resources. The advanced TLC-to-gradient feature automatically creates elution gradients and suggests cartridge and sample size. Compounds can be collected on two separate wavelengths using a variable wavelength detector option, resulting in increased compound recovery and cleaner fractions.

With the Isolera FLASH purification system, up to four solvents can be used in a single gradient to easily purify samples with diverse polarity. A third co-solvent can be isocratically pumped into the binary gradient, maintaining compound solubility and eliminating the over-pressure issues that can be caused by precipitating compounds. Users have full control over sample purification conditions, as a full range of editing options is available, including gradient, flow rate, collection volume and fraction wavelengths and modes.

Providing default methods built around both TLC conditions and SNAP cartridge sizes, the new Isolera system enables chemists to quickly purify samples. Samples with poor or no UV chromophore can be purified by connecting an external detector such as refractive index or evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) to the system. Isolera fractionates compounds using the auxiliary detector’s signal while simultaneously monitoring the Isolera UV signal.

The Isolera system from Biotage comes complete with SNAP cartridges and everything required to begin purifying samples quickly.

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