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Automated Extraction of Vitamin D from Serum

13 October 2015

A new poster from Biotage outlines extraction of 25-hydroxy vitamin D from serum using ISOLUTE® PLD+ and SLE+ on a Biotage® Extrahera™ automated sample preparation platform.


This poster compares the use of supported liquid extraction (ISOLUTE® SLE+) and a novel protein and phospholipid depletion plate (ISOLUTE® PLD+), for the extraction of 25-hydroxy vitamin D. The extraction protocols were ultimately transferred to an SPE automation platform and method performance versus manual processing compared.

Vitamin D deficiency can result in various health issues such as osteoporosis, liver and kidney problems, and is associated with increased risk of cancers and multiple sclerosis. From this standpoint vitamin D analysis has extremely important clinical relevance. Many sample preparation approaches to the extraction of 25-hydroxy vitamin D have been employed prior to LC-MS/MS analysis. Simple protein precipitation, supported liquid extraction and complex SPE methodology are all in routine use. 

Key Findings

  • Good extraction efficiency, protein and phospholipid removal was afforded by both techniques.
  • Excellent linearity, and r2 values from PBS/BSA and Chromsystems calibrated serum along with good correlation data to DEQAS reported patient samples.
  • Both techniques were successfully transferred on to the Extrahera™ automated sample preparation platform.

This poster was first presented at MSACL 2015, Salzburg.

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