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Application Note 785: Extraction of Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin from Chili Using ISOLUTE® Myco

05 May 2014

This Applicatin Note is the latest in the series of ISOLUTE® Myco applications. This one describes the extremely challenging extraction of relevant mycotoxins from dried chilli (spice), with results shown to meet regulatory requirements. 

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by fungal molds on food crops. Regulation and legislation for testing of mycotoxin contamination has established which mycotoxins are prevalent on a wide variety of food crops. This application note describes an SPE protocol appropriate for LC-MS/MS analysis of a range of mycotoxins found on chili. The method described in this application note achieves high recoveries of relevant mycotoxins from dried chili (pimiento) with %RSDs and LOQs that meet the requirements set in European Union regulations for measurement of these analytes.

ISOLUTE® Myco solid phase extraction columns provide robust, reliable sample preparation for multiple mycotoxin classes from a wide range of foodstuffs. Using a single, easy to use sample preparation product, along with optimized matrix specific application notes, scientists can prepare diverse food/crop samples for analysis by LC-MS/MS.