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A Smorgasbord of Analytical Methods

01 February 2018

Four posters and a seminar on sample preparation developments from Biotage were presented at MSACL, Palm Springs in January, now made available to the public. 



  • Extraction of Catecholamine Acid Metabolites from Plasma Prior to Analysis Using UHPLC-MS/MS (P176)
  • Comparison of Sample Preparation Options for the Extraction of a Panel of Endogenous Steroids from Serum Prior to UHPLC-MS/MS Analysis (P177)
  • Evaluation of Matrix Component Removal Using a Novel Flow-through Scavenging Plate for Drugs of Abuse Testing in Urine (P178)
  • Practical Considerations using Quantisal Oral Fluid Collection Devices & SPE Method Development by Polymeric Mixed-Mode Cation Exchange (P179)

Breakfast Seminar

  • Achieving Low Level Detection of Clinical Samples Using LC-MS/MS Analysis Through Efficient Sample Preparation
    Presented by Dr. Stephanie Marin, Biotage


Download the posters and slides below.