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PPS468 White paper

A Holistic Approach to the Peptide Workflow in Drug Discovery

13 November 2017

The study of peptides, especially for therapeutic use,  has grown significantly in recent years. However,  producing peptides for such research is challenging, not just in the synthesis. The molecules must be  visualized to allow synthetic approaches to be designed, and after synthesis the purification and isolation of peptides is not straightforward. In order to address these challenges, Biotage has developed a holistic approach to the entire peptide workflow via an automated solution, designed for dedicated peptide researchers and those new to the field.


Peptides are increasingly entering drug development pathways as potential active pharmaceutical ingredients due to their large chemical space, relative ease of synthesis, ready availability of low cost starting materials and general low toxicity. As a result, approximately 60 peptide-based drugs have been approved by the FDA, 140 peptidic drugs are currently under evaluation in clinical trials and a further 500 peptides are in development. Success stories include the prostate cancer drug Lupron™ from Abbott Laboratories, with global sales of more than US$2.3 billion in 2011. Understandably, research into the area of new peptide drugs is at an all-time high.

With synthesis visualization software, higher loading capacity in purification, and effective evaporation technology, Biotage has developed a suite of technology to support the whole peptide workflow. 

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White Paper - A Holistic Approach to the Peptide Workflow

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