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Pacific® Oil & Grease Disks

The first-class option for Hexane Extractable Material



Part No. Description Product type Pack Size Price
1664-100-PHT 1664-100-PHT Pacific® Disk Premium 100 mm Consumables 50 Log in for price
1664-47-HT 1664-47-HT Pacific® Disk 1664 47 mm Consumables 50 Log in for price
1664-47-PHT 1664-47-PHT Pacific® Disk Premium 47 mm Consumables 50 Log in for price
1664-90-HT 1664-90-HT Pacific® Disk 1664 100 mm Consumables 50 Log in for price
50-001-HT 50-001-HT O&G - Transfer Pipettes Consumables 250 Log in for price
50-002-02-HT 50-002-02-HT O&G - Pans, 105 mm, 125 mL Consumables 100 Log in for price
50-002-HT 50-002-HT O&G - Pans, 70 mm, 55 mL Consumables 100 Log in for price
50-003-HT 50-003-HT O&G - Standard, 26 mL Consumables 4 Log in for price
50-021-HT 50-021-HT O&G STD Snip and Pour, 40 mg Consumables 20 Log in for price
FFP-47-HT FFP-47-HT Pacific® O&G Fast Flow Pre-filter 47 mm Consumables 50 Log in for price
FFP-90-HT FFP-90-HT Pacific® O&G Fast Flow Pre-filter 100 mm Consumables 50 Log in for price

US EPA 1664A/B, ISO-11349 and Standard Methods 5520G require the use of n-hexane as the extraction solvent and gravimetry as the determinative technique. Alternative extraction and concentration techniques are allowed, provided that the performance and specifications are met. In addition, QC procedures designed to monitor precision and accuracy are an important part of any good method and are met with Pacific-brand disks.

Pacific Premium O&G SPE Disks

Pacific Premium disks, available in both 47 mm and 90 mm, offer excellent recovery and precision. 

Pacific Premium Oil and Grease SPE Disks provide fast flow rates with dirty samples while offering high recovery values for the oil and grease fraction of the sample. These disks blend various diameters of high quality borosilicate glass micro-fibers; the upper surface of each disk provides a greater porosity, essential for handling particulate heavy samples, and the bottom layer, comprised of smaller micro-fibers and packing material, retains the oil and grease fraction.

Pacific™ SPE Disks

Pacific SPE Disks are economical alternatives to the higher performance Premium Disks, available in both a 47 mm and 90 mm size

Oil & Grease QC Standards for EPA Method 1664

Horizon offers two choices of QC Standards (spiking solution) for oil and grease analysis, including multi-use vials or convenient, one-time use Snip & Pour tube packs. Standards can be stored at ambient temperature. Features include: • Lot certification • Certificate of Analysis • NIST traceability • Dissolved in 99.5% Acetone • Clearly marked expiration dates