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Sample prep interface

Perfecting Your Mass Spectrometer Parameters

04 October 2017

When developing a method for sample preparation, the mass spectrometer is what needs to be tweaked first. Dan Menasco explains how in this article on the Sample Preparation Blog ».


"Before we get into our extractions, we need to set up our LC/MS to detect our analytes of interest. The LC will provide the chromatography (separation of our analytes) and the MS will support detection. So which one do we evaluate first? Well, if you can’t “see” the analytes, what good is perfecting their chromatography? So, first, let’s get the MS focused, or tuned, for optimum analyte detection."

In this blog post, Applications Chemist Ph.D. Dan Menasco goes into all the details of the mass spec parameters for optimizing a method for sample preparation, and concludes:

"While we could have used the parameters in our poster, its best to tune your analytes on your instrument. Why? Because we need to tune our analytes against the current condition of our instrument, not some else’s."

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