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Biotage Webinar Practical Considerations

Biotage Webinar - Practical Considerations for LC/MS Method Development of a Comprehensive Urine Pain Panel

09 March 2017


Thursday 9th March 2017 11.00am Central European Time (10.00am Greenwich Mean Time) then repeated at 1.00pm US Eastern Time (10.00am US Pacific Time)


There has been increased interest in the clinical laboratory to develop comprehensive LC-MS/MS assays for urine drug testing, with fifty or more drugs and metabolites from multiple drug classes in a single method.

These panels can increase throughput and improve laboratory efficiency, but create many challenges. Considerations for developing robust sample preparation methods for acidic, basic and neutral drugs for pain management and compliance testing in hydrolyzed urine specimens will be discussed. Method development strategies depending upon the drug analytes of interest will be presented.

Why Attend?

  • Learn to develop better methods for large drug panels in urine based on the drugs of interest and their properties
  • Understand the effect of pH and logP on retention and recovery
  • Understand how to optimize enzyme and hydrolysis conditions
  • Learn when to choose supported liquid extraction (SLE), reverse-phase solid phase extraction (SPE), and ion exchange SPE

Who Should Attend?

Chemists and technologists, laboratory supervisors and managers, medical directors and R&D scientists in laboratories who develop, validate, or perform assays for urine drug testing.


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